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Welcome to the Nevada High Intensity Drug Traffic Area (HIDTA) website. Here you will find important information about Nevada's HIDTA program including our Nevada Law Enforcement Training Program available to all of Nevada's law enforcement, links to many other agencies, and general information about Nevada HIDTA's programs. HIDTA was created by Congress in 1988 as a program designed for improving law enforcement’s ability to impact crime and address these regional issues through agency cooperation and collaboration. Nevada HIDTA supports coordinated law enforcement strategies which maximize the use of available resources to reduce drug and gang related crime through enforcement, intelligence, prevention and training of officers and agents. The endurance of HIDTA due to innovation, neutrality, flexibility, and diversity in collaboration with our many community partners.

The Nevada Watch Center operation and intelligence deconfliction system is available 24/7 in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN), the Western Regional Information System (WSIN) and the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) a nationwide intelligence system. This system is for law enforcement only. The statewide phone numbers is 1-888-294-2337, an email for questions is nevadawc@rmin.riss.net. I strongly urge all law enforcement to use this system to ensure officer safety during plain clothes, covert operations and for case enhancing intelligence. Today's modern deconfliction systems have saved many lives across our nation.

Keith Carter, Nevada HIDTA Director

April 30, 2019 - Tuesday
2019 Nationwide Domestic Highway Enforcement (DHE) Meeting & Analyst & Officer Intelligence Colloquium
Las Vegas, NV - Red Rock Hotel

Registration Fee:

Analyst & Officer Intelligence Colloquium / DHE Meeting – $260.00

DHE Nationwide Meeting Only – $175.00

See attached flyers for additional registration, agenda and hotel booking information

Download Flyer
Download Flyer
April 30, 2019 - Tuesday
International Fugitives
Las Vegas, NV - Llyod George Federal Courthouse

Date of Training : April 30th, 1330hrs – 1700hrs

Location : Lloyd George Federal Courthouse, 333 LV Blvd North,  U.S. Marshals training room, second floor

Cost: Free

Open: All LEO sworn and investigative support personnel

To attend please email Elizabeth Norman at 




The United States Marshals is hosting a no cost training session on International Fugitive hunts. The session will be conducted by Mark Espinoza who is currently assigned to INTERPOL- Washington, D.C. at the U.S. National Central Bureau as the Assistant Director for Global Police Services. Mark was assigned to the U.S. Marshals in Nevada in the past and would like to bring his expertise in the tracking and arrest of fugitives who have fled outside of the United States to our partners in Nevada.


International Fugitives

The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) has been designated by the Department of Justice (DOJ) as the primary federal agency for apprehending fugitives that are wanted by foreign nations and believed to be in the United States. Additionally, the Marshals Service is the primary federal agency responsible for tracking and extraditing fugitives who are apprehended in foreign countries and wanted for prosecution in the United States. The USMS, which has statutory responsibility for all international extraditions, sees to it that there is no safe haven for criminals who flee the territorial boundaries of the United States.

The USMS defines international fugitives as, fugitives wanted in the United States who have fled to foreign countries to avoid prosecution or incarceration. The International Investigations Branch is responsible for processing, reviewing, and forwarding information concerning the pursuit and apprehension of international fugitives. Interaction with numerous law enforcement agencies and representatives of foreign governments is a daily occurrence. With no jurisdiction outside of the United States, the USMS is constantly networking to establish and improve relationships with foreign governments to enhance its ability to apprehend fugitives seeking refuge in foreign countries.

The agency has three foreign field offices in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico. U.S. Marshals work closely with law enforcement agencies along the borders of Mexico and Canada and with the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. The agency also holds key positions at Interpol.. In addition, the USMS develops on-going training programs for these countries focusing on fugitive investigation techniques and officer survival.

Foreign Fugitives

The USMS defines foreign fugitive as, a fugitive who is wanted by a foreign nation and believed to be in the United States. Cases are referred to the Marshals Service through Interpol, the Department of Justice-Office of International Affairs (DOJ-OIA), and through foreign embassies in the United States.  Criminals from foreign countries often commit crimes in the United States, therefore foreign fugitive apprehension is an extremely important mission to the U.S. Marshals Service and the DOJ.

International Extraditions

The USMS is responsible for carrying out extraditions to the United States from foreign countries and for supporting extraditions to foreign countries from the United States—a complex task involving coordination among the DOJ-OIA, the Department of State, foreign governments, U.S. embassies, and USMS district offices. The extradition process involves country clearance, threat assessments and security arrangements, travel arrangements, and any necessary medical assessment and accommodations. In fiscal year 2014, the U.S. Marshals Service coordinated 883 extraditions/deportations.

May 06-09, 2019; Monday - Thursday
CGTF Gang Training 2019
Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock HotelTopics will Include: Prison Realignment and The Threat of The Aryan Brotherhood • LEO Technologies • Gangs on Death Row Black Gangs • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and more... See Flyer for registration information
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Download Flyer

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