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October 2019
October 22-24, 2019; Tuesday - Thursday
Undercover Techniques and Scenario Training

Las Vegas, NV

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This is an 24-hour class covering basic undercover operative operations and assignments. Instructor: Retired LVMPD detective Joe Panullo.

Topics will include:

  • Case Law pertaining to Entrapment & Outrageous Government Conduct

  • Duties of an undercover, case agent & supervisor reference UC operations

  • Selecting an undercover identity

  • Carrying weapons during undercover operations

  • Red Flags & Hazards pertaining to undercover work

  • Surveillance and covering a UC operation

  • Potential problems you may encounter during a UC operation

  • Understanding the toll and preparing your family for you working UC

  • Utilizing Confidential Informants

  • Using flash rolls and the cautions to take when using them

  • How to run a successful undercover operation

  • How to conduct a bust out when ending a buy program

  • Applying real life stories and examples of the do’s and don’ts of UC work

FREE Training through NV HIDTA
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October 28-November 01, 2019; Monday - Friday
Interviews & Interrogations

Reno, Nevada

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Registration Closes: 10/25/2019
Cost free Nevada HIDTA training! One of our most popular classes and instructors! Nevada Law enforcement ONLY! PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited number of seats; filling out a registration form is considered an application only. Your attendance is based on HIDTA approval. You will be notified by NV HIDTA Training if you are accepted into this ccourse. This 5-day course teaches conviction based approach interview and interrogation techniques that have been proven to increase victim and witness cooperation as well as the number of legally obtained admissions and confessions. One of our most popular courses! Helping you piece the truth together.  Presented by: Interview and Interrogation Institute  NV POST #P0010088