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February 12-13, 2020; Wednesday - Thursday
Social Networking NCTC 2020

Las Vegas, NV

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There is a strong emphasis on the technology skills needed to conduct narcotics investigations. Those skills include tracking online communication and using online social networking portals (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as investigative and analytical tools. Beginner and experienced students will identify information available on various sites and explore the currently overlooked and underused value of integrating that information into criminal investigations and criminal intelligence analysis. See Flyer for registration info.

March 02-06, 2020; Monday - Friday
Subconscious Communication for Interview & Interrogation 2020

Henderson, NV

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At the conclusion of this training our participants will:
? Identify and overcome the three barriers the subconscious mind uses to avoid cooperation or inhibit dialogue ? Understand the basics of gathering information and the rules for detecting deception in conversation ? Utilize a 10 step interview process and a 5 step scientific interrogation process to gather information ? Understand how to successfully use question types to meet the individual needs of the listener ? Recognize the key verbal phrases that indicate deception is present and have responses to counter them  ? Learn how to match specific themes with the wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses of a suspect ? Discover how to successfully use body language for rapport building and deception detection ? Realize the importance of using their own communication skills to encourage cooperation from others ? Analyze statements more successfully and utilize affirmative tactics to solicit truthful responses ? Articulate more successfully their process to avoid court challenges and to establish reasonable suspicion ? Appreciate the need to conduct oneself ethically and professionally in gathering information from others.

April 06-10, 2020; Monday - Friday
Interviews & Interrogations HPD

Henderson, Nevada

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Registration Closes: 4/5/2020
Cost free Nevada HIDTA training! One of our most popular classes and instructors! Nevada Law enforcement ONLY! PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited number of seats; filling out a registration form is considered an application only. Your attendance is based on HIDTA approval. You will be notified by NV HIDTA Training if you are accepted into this ccourse. This 5-day course teaches conviction based approach interview and interrogation techniques that have been proven to increase victim and witness cooperation as well as the number of legally obtained admissions and confessions. One of our most popular courses! Helping you piece the truth together.  Presented by: Interview and Interrogation Institute  NV POST #P0010088