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Welcome to the Nevada High Intensity Drug Traffic Area (HIDTA) website. Here you will find important information about Nevada's HIDTA program including our Nevada Law Enforcement Training Program available to all of Nevada's law enforcement, links to many other agencies, and general information about Nevada HIDTA's programs. 

Nevada HIDTA supports coordinated law enforcement strategies which maximize the use of available resources to reduce drug and gang related crime through enforcement, intelligence, prevention and training of officers and agents. The endurance of HIDTA due to innovation, neutrality, flexibility, and diversity in collaboration with our many community partners.

The Nevada Watch Center operation and intelligence deconfliction system is available 24/7 in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN), the Western Regional Information System (WSIN) and the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) a nationwide intelligence system. This system is for law enforcement only. The statewide phone numbers is 1-888-294-2337, an email for questions is I strongly urge all law enforcement to use this system to ensure officer safety during plain clothes, covert operations and for case enhancing intelligence. Today's modern deconfliction systems have saved many lives across our nation.

Keith Carter, Nevada HIDTA Director

December 02-03, 2019; Monday - Tuesday
Surveillance Techniques & Scenario Training (2019)
Las Vegas, NV - LVMPD HQ

This is an 16 hour course covering; Surveillance Techniques & Scenario Training.  Instructor: Retired LVMPD Detective Joe Pannullo.

Cost free Nevada HIDTA training!  One of our most popular Instructors!  Nevada Law Enforcement Only!

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the limited number of seats; filling out a registration form is considered an application only.  Your attendance is based on HIDTA approval.  You will be notified by NV HIDTA Training if you are accepted into this course.

FREE Training through NV HIDTA
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Registration Closes: 11/29/2019
January 07, 2020 - Tuesday
You Can't stop What You Don't Know 2020
Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas City Hall

Tuition FREE community members welcome to attend.  Not restricted to Law Enforcement.  Do you really recognize items of alcohol and/or drug abuse?  Do you really know what you're looking at in your child's room? on a crime scene?  This is critical information for every parent, law enforcement officer, educator, prevention provider , coalition member, probation officer, treatment provider, and counselor. This workshop will cover alcohol and drug clothing, alcoholic energy drinks, alcopops, alcohol and drug concealment methods and containers, drug paraphernalia, drug related music and groups, logos, stickers, new technology, youth party tendencies, party games, non-traditional alcoholic beverages, social networking sites, synthetic drugs, OTC drugs, inhalants, concentrates, E-cigarettes, and popular party drugs. This unique session provides over 120 visual aids for attendees to hold and become familiar with.  See attached flyers for additional class details & parking instructions, as well as a map to the classroom location.  You'll be amazed at the amount of knowledge you gain in just 4 short hours. Don't miss you chance to see this award winning instructor.

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Registration Closes: 1/6/2020
February 12-13, 2020; Wednesday - Thursday
Social Networking NCTC 2020
Las Vegas, NV - LVMPDThere is a strong emphasis on the technology skills needed to conduct narcotics investigations. Those skills include tracking online communication and using online social networking portals (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as investigative and analytical tools. Beginner and experienced students will identify information available on various sites and explore the currently overlooked and underused value of integrating that information into criminal investigations and criminal intelligence analysis. See Flyer for registration info.
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