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September 25-27, 2018; Tuesday - Thursday

Carson City, NV

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Registration Closes: 9/24/2018

Please Note! this class is also being held in Henderson NV August 20-22. Be sure to registered for the class in your city.

STATEMENT ANALYSIS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT (S.A.L.E.) Cost Free Training-3 day course -NV POST certified. Instructor Steven Varnell

Statement Analysis for Law Enforcement covers the classic methods of deception detection. S.A.L.E expands the information with the most current research available from the law enforcement and scientific communities, This detail results in a unique learning experience. It brings together numerous techniques taught in both the U.S. and Europe for a comprehensive deception detection process unlike any other taught. The attendee will examine countless statements of all types. This is a critical class to understand. Most investigators end their I&I with the statement because they do not understand the hidden information that exist. S.A.L.E. will show the class attendees how to take their I&I to the next level.

Upon completing the course, the attendee will have a better understanding of Text Analysis; Statement Dissection; Understanding Syntax; Text Bridges; Negations and Oppositions; Episode Markers; Passive Voice; Transitional Wording; Balance and more.

There is no better way to learn than with these hands-on opportunities.

Each attendee shall receive a copy of Steve’s Book, Statement Analysis, an ISS Course Workbook, and a handout. Officers can utilize these to continue their skill maintenance long after the class.

October 01-05, 2018; Monday - Friday
Interviews & Interrogations

Henderson NV, Nevada

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Registration Closes: 9/26/2018
Nevada Law enforcement ONLY! PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited number of seats; filling out a registration form is considered an application only. Your attendance is based on HIDTA approval. You will be notified by NV HIDTA Training if you are accepted into this ccourse. This 5-day course teaches conviction based approach interview and interrogation techniques that have been proven to increase victim and witness cooperation as well as the number of legally obtained admissions and confessions. One of our most popular courses! Helping you piece the truth together. Cost free Nevada HIDTA training! Presented by: Interview and Interrogation Institute  NV POST #P0010088

November 09, 2018 - Friday
Courageous Leadership for Law Enforcement

Henderson NV, Nevada

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Not just another leadership class! You will be pleasantly surprised.
This dynamic and unique course is led by Tulsa Police
Major Travis Yates, a former International Trainer of the Year by ILEETA, co-founder of the Below 100 Initiative and the Editor In Chief of Law Officer Magazine.

This course will prepare first responders from all ranks to be courageous in their principles in order to give those under their control a safer working environment.  While many leadership courses focus on theory, this course focuses on practice and the principles taught will help the leader immediately and “de-centralized” leadership is emphasized so every police officer from every rank can be inspired to be a leader.

This is FREE training through Nevada HIDTA

Past evaluations state:

"Great Class!"
"Thanks for doing the hard right thing, not the easy wrong thing!"
"Will definitely recommend this class to others"
"Major Yates is the perfect leader/administrator to teach this class nation wide. The content was very informative and positive..."
"Excellent instructor! Very knowledgeable in the material taught. Would highly recommend officers attend this training"

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Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (NVHIDTA)
550 S. Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Training questions: Christine Payson 702-759-8070  or info@nvhidta.org