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Welcome to the Nevada High Intensity Drug Traffic Area (HIDTA) website. Here you will find important information about Nevada's HIDTA program including our Nevada Law Enforcement Training Program available to all of Nevada's law enforcement, links to many other agencies, and general information about Nevada HIDTA's programs. HIDTA was created by Congress in 1988 as a program designed for improving law enforcement’s ability to impact crime and address these regional issues through agency cooperation and collaboration. Nevada HIDTA supports coordinated law enforcement strategies which maximize the use of available resources to reduce drug and gang related crime through enforcement, intelligence, prevention and training of officers and agents. The endurance of HIDTA due to innovation, neutrality, flexibility, and diversity in collaboration with our many community partners.

The Nevada Watch Center operation and intelligence deconfliction system is available 24/7 in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN), the Western Regional Information System (WSIN) and the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) a nationwide intelligence system. This system is for law enforcement only. The statewide phone numbers is 1-888-294-2337, an email for questions is nevadawc@rmin.riss.net. I strongly urge all law enforcement to use this system to ensure officer safety during plain clothes, covert operations and for case enhancing intelligence. Today's modern deconfliction systems have saved many lives across our nation.

Keith Carter, Nevada HIDTA Director

November 17, 2018-January 20, 2019; Saturday - Sunday
Sheepdog Response Trainings

Multiple Trainings by Sheepdog Response


Las Vegas, Nevada

18 – 20, January 2019


Las Vegas, Nevada

14 – 15, January 2019


Las Vegas, Nevada

16 - 17, January 2019


Las Vegas, Nevada

18 January, 2019


Great Meadows, New Jersey

17 - 19, November

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November 19-20, 2018; Monday - Tuesday
Cell Phone Use In Drug Trafficking Investigations
Las Vegas, NV - LVMPD HQ

Cost FREE Training co-sponsored by NCTC and NV HIDTA

This course is a detailed introduction to how cell phone data can be used by investigators to enhance drug trafficking investigation. Instruction will cover use of historical communication data (records), real-time surveillance options, physical cell phone forensics considerations, and solutions that all law enforcement personnel should know. Legal issues about how to obtain and use this data will be covered as well as surveillance operations considerations, company-specific considerations, courtroom presentation issues, and other related matters. At the end of this course, students will have a very thorough understanding of what is possible with communication data in narcotics investigations, the several primary categories of available data, and how to determine the servicing companies for communications devices and accounts.

Course Length: 2 days/16 hours.

To register:
-Visit the Northeast Counterdrug Training Centre's website at www.counterdrug.org 
-Click on "Course Registration"
-Find the training that you would like to register for and select "Click to Register"
-Fill out your contact information & agree to the Statement of Understanding
-Click on "submit registration"
See attached flyer for additional information

Who May Attend: Law Enforcement, Investigators, LEA Support.

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November 28, 2018 - Wednesday
Callyo Wire Training
Las Vegas NV, Nevada - LVMPD HQ Building A Room 112

FREE Callyo Training.  If you are a user of the Callyo system, this 2 hour training is for you!

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Only 34 Seats Remaining
Registration Closes: 11/28/2018

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